Spare Paint Service

Important information

When Painting by Numbers, sometimes there is a problem with the acrylic paints, be it they do not suffice because the coat of paint applied to the painting was too thick or be it they tipped and spilt or were lost. In such case we offer our quick spare paint service. The paints will be shipped in less than no time to your address.

How to order spare paints

Please select the spare paints you require with the help of the control sheet. We will always supply you with a complete color line consisting of 6 interconnected paint pots that are marked by the letters A, B, C, etc. Please proceed in line with steps 1 to 5 of our order process.


We guarantee to supply you with the required spare paints of every motif for a period of time of 3 years after their first release to the retailers. Unfortunately, we cannot supply you with spare paints for older motifs for which the term has already expired.

Prices including VAT

  • Color line with 6 filled paint pots:
  • for EU EUR 3.00
  • for non-EU countries EUR 2.52
    (without VAT)
  • Packaging EUR 0.50
  • Postage within Germany EUR 1.95
  • Postage for EU countries EUR 3.70
  • Postage for non-EU countries EUR 9.00

Spare paint order

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