The ideal aluminium frame for your masterpiece!

Every painting is only brought to bear if it is beautifully framed. Choosing the fitting frame is a difficult task in view of the immense choice. This is why SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts chose an aluminum frame that does not only fit all Painting-by-Numbers motifs but also goes hand in hand with every furniture style. The anodized frame with narrow outline makes the painting look expressive and frames it discreetly at the same time. The kit consists of individual frame moldings to be easily assembled plus the necessary fitting material and an assembly instruction.

The picture frames are available in the following dimensions: 24/30cm, 40/50cm, 50/60cm, 40/80cm, triptych 50/80, triptych 40/120, diptych 50/80 and Quattro 18/24.

rahmen-gold   rahmen-silber

The frames are made from aluminum; its surfaces are anodized and have a shine.

rahmen-gold-profil rahmen-silber-profil   rahmen-gold-eckverbindern rahmen-silber-eckverbindern

The moldings are of a width of 8mm and of a height of 20mm.


The individual frame moldings are mitered and can easily be fitted by using the corner connections, springs, hooks and screws.

Assembly instructions


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