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For a download of the instructions, please click onto the link under the corresponding icon.
After having uploaded the instructions, go to the menu command “Save under” to store them on your hard disk. Now you may view and print-out the instructions downloaded as a PDF file. For example, you may use the free Acrobat Reader program for this purpose.

General painting instructions   Flat brush technique painting instructions

General painting instructions 
Download (PDF/2,21 MB)


Flat brush technique painting instructions 
Download (PDF/4,59 MB)

Anleitung-Male deinen Liebling   Anleitung-Acrylfarben

Paint your Darling
in colors & in black & white
Download (PDF/5,81 MB)


Instructions for use oft the paints 
(PDF/1,51 MB)

Anleitung-Schlusslack   Anleitung-Rahmen

Final lacquer – transparent & glossy
for SCHIPPER Painting by Number paintings
(PDF/1,00 MB)


Fixing material for aluminium frame 
(PDF/3,44 MB)

Anleitung-Pinselset   Anleitung-Paintmaster

Paint brushes for Painting by Numbers 
(PDF/1,72 MB)


Instructions Paintmaster 
(PDF/1,06 MB)


Assembly instruction for 5 picture carriers
(PDF/3,93 MB)

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